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More than just Livestock

Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) does not just mean showing animals!!

Showing livestock is a great SAE project, but there are other great projects you students can have outside of raising show animals. These projects are just as valuable in giving you insight into applicable agriculture. As well they can lead to success in obtaining your Lone Star FFA and American FFA Degree and or potential scholarships...

Here are some different opportunities for SAE projects:

  • Exploratory
  • Research / Experimentation 
  • Ownership / Enterprise
  • Placement

Enterprise doesn't just mean you own a show an animal. What about owning your own production animals ie: slaughter pigs, vegetable garden- selling at a local Farmer's Market, owning laying hens and selling eggs, or owning your your own landscaping business? It is pretty cool that as a high school student you could own your own business!! 

Placement means you work for someone else. The key to all the SAE's is that your project relates to Agriculture. So you can work for a company that is in the Agricultural Industry.

Conduct research that applies and progress the Agricultural Industry. You can even enter a Science Fair and compete for how valuable your research is. Time spent on this activity, believe it or not, can help you obtain FFA degrees!

Last but not least you can shadow an individual who owns an agribusiness or works in an industry related to agriculture and you can build a report about it, and that will also count towards participating in SAE's and obtaining different  FFA degrees.


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